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Release Notes

  1. You no longer have to manually download this script; it will automatically be downloaded and executed before an upgrade.

  2. If you want to run this script manually, you can download and run it as it is described in the "HOW TO USE" chapter.


The script allows you to check the environment before an upgrade or a migration. It checks for business logic issues and works for both the Linux and the Windows platforms. This tool could be launched prior to an upgrade in order to obtain a report on potential problems with the upgrade. Based on the report, a host can decide whether an upgrade is suitable for their situation.

How to use


  1. Download the script from http://autoinstall.plesk.com/<Plesk_version>/examiners/panel_preupgrade_checker.php where <Plesk_version> is the desired version of Plesk you are willing to upgrade to.

For example, to check upgrade to Plesk 12, the link will be

  1. Run it like below:

    php -d safe_mode=Off panel_preupgrade_checker.php <plesk-db-admin-password>


  1. Download the script from http://autoinstall-win.plesk.com/<Plesk_version>/panel_preupgrade_checker.php_ where <Plesk_version> is the desired version of Plesk you are willing to upgrade to.

For example, to check upgrade to Plesk 12, the link will be

  1. Run it like below:

    "%plesk_bin%\php.exe" -d safe_mode=Off panel_preupgrade_checker.php <plesk-db-admin-password>

Report Content Clarification

At the beginning of the report, we give a general overview of the changes that a host should expect from the upgrade.

Also, the report gives an overview of potential problems you may encounter during a transition to the new Plesk version with the corresponding Knowledge Base articles.

Search Words

update plesk

Warning: Deployer has been terminated by exception: Line 6 error: Element 'components-installed': Missing child element(s). Expected is ( component ).

check the correct key

switching business model not working




Error: Failed to run the Yum utility.

bad request

interrupted upgrade

transfer fails

file manager


Cannot Upgrade Plesk with Error about Upgrade APSC SQL Database from 11.1.0


Restore database

Update PP 11.5 -> PP 12.0

Install Plesk updates fails


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