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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


Virtuozzo containers and Microsoft Windows work in conjunction, making it critical to synchronize and update the two software packages appropriately. A special mechanism, vzup2date, was introduced to help with update management and to ensure that Microsoft updates to be installed safely.

Virtuozzo configures Windows Automatic Updates on the Virtuozzo Host server so that only Microsoft updates tested for compatibility with the current Virtuozzo patch level are installed.

Most Microsoft updates become available after a short delay for compatibility testing. Microsoft updates which are not compatible with Virtuozzo are postponed until the corresponding Virtuozzo hotfix is created and uploaded to the Virtuozzo update server. Virtuozzo hotfixes for Microsoft update compatibility are a critical priority for Virtuozzo and are supported very quickly.

Checks for Virtuozzo hotfixes are performed automatically and, by default, a notification is shown in the system tray if new updates are available. Once you run Virtuozzo Containers Update Wizard (Start -> Programs -> Parallels -> Parallels Virtuozzo Containers -> Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Update Wizard) and install the corresponding Virtuozzo update, Microsoft updates will be installed using the Automatic Update Wizard.

It is necessary to have Internet connection, at least periodically, on a Virtuozzo server to keep Virtuozzo and Windows up-to-date.

Virtuozzo Update Wizard should be used to install Virtuozzo updates.

Microsoft Automatic Updates configured by Virtuozzo should be used to install Windows updates.

Please DO NOT:

  • install Microsoft updates using Internet Explorer;
  • press "Check online for updates from Windows Update" link in the Windows Update wizard (see screenshot below)

Doing so might load Microsoft patches that are not compatible with Virtuozzo containers and cause a service interruption.


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