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This article provides the best practices and usecases for troubleshooting issues with Parallels Plesk Panel (PP) for Windows migration. Each section of this article contains cross references to Parallels knowledgebase (KB) articles for that particular stage of the migration process. 

Helpful information in regards to PP for Linux can be found here:

113586 Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux: Migration Best Practices and Usecases

Table of contents

Make sure you have correctly prepared both of your servers for migration

If there are any domains on the server with databases hosted on a remote database server, make sure you follow this article:

  • 114045 Unable to migrate domains with databases on a remote database server

Migrating between different versions of PP 

Before migrating between different versions of PP, make sure to read these threads:

  • 115103 Plesk Pre-Transfer Checker. The Plesk Pre-Transfer Checker is designed to allow providers to check for known cases that may cause migration failures and that should be fixed before starting a migration procedure.
  • 9578 How to convert and restore backup from an older version of Parallels Plesk Panel to version 10
  • 112692 How to migrate objects from PP 8.x to PP 9.x and 10.x
  • 6807 Domain migration from PP version older than 9.x fails

Migration from different platforms

Before migrating from a different control panel, make sure to read the following KB article:

  • 112608 How to migrate Helm 3 to PP 10.4

Manual migration tips and hints

If a manual transfer is required (for mail content, complete server after the crash, database moving, etc.), refer to the following sources:
  • 112812 How to migrate Customers and Business Manager data

Logs and log collector

In order to troubleshoot logs issues, refer to the following knowledgebase article:

  • 9679 Structure of Plesk Migration Manager (PMM) logs and PMM logs collector

Helm migration usecases

The information contained in the following articles can help you to avoid complications with migration from Parallels Helm to Parallels Plesk Panel:

  • 111825 Notice when trying to migrate from Helm
  • 111949 Microsoft Access 2000 databases cannot be migrated during Helm 3 to PP 10 migration
  • 111942 "URL Redirect" virtual directories are not migrated during Helm 3 to PP 10 migration
  • 111945 Forwarding domains' flags are not migrated during Helm 3 to PP 10 migration
  • 111931 Mail Server Support by Helm 3 to Plesk 10 Migration Agent
  • 111946 Packages containing domains with dedicated IPs cannot be migrated from Helm 3 to PP 10
  • 111941 Demo accounts are not migrated from Helm 3 to PP 10
  • 111928 Helm 3 to PP 10 migration supports only one web service migration
  • 111923 Forwarding domains migrated from Helm 3 do not have web settings
  • 111925 Empty subscriptions cannot be migrated from Helm 3 to PP 10
  • 111926 Migration of additional admin accounts during Helm 3 to PP 10 migration
  • 112684 Unable to migrate objects from Helm 3 server

Connectivity issues

Sometimes, migrating to another server is not possible due to connectivity problems between servers. Refer to the following articles to check whether this is the case:

  • 1432 Plesk Migration Manager is unable to connect to Plesk Migration Agent installed on a remote server (applicable for versions prior to 10.3)
  • 8193 Migration Agent returns incorrect IP of the source server (applicable for versions prior to 10.4)
  • 9066 Migration fails with error: "No migration agents found. Data migration is not available" 
  • 111770 Slow migration to Parallels Plesk Panel 9.5.x server (applicable for version 9.5)
  • 7035 When starting migration, migrator fetches list of sites in IIS and then stalls (applicable for version 9.2.3)

Missing something?

From time to time, you may encounter difficulties with migration due to some missing elements. In such cases, the following KB articles may be helpful:
  • 112216 Subdomains were not migrated from Parallels Plesk Panel 9.x to Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3.1 (applicable for version 10.3)
  • 111906 Migration stalls with 0 percent progress
  • 6295 Domain content is not migrated with Plesk Migration Manager

Error revealed 

  • 112416 Migration attempt fails (applicable for version 9.3)
  • 112215 Migration to Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3/10.4 fails with error: (404) Not Found
  • 111701 Migration fails with error about wrong Plesk Migration Agent version
  • 9383 Migration fails because password contains special symbols
  • 111698 Migration fails with the error "certificate with such name already exists"
  • 112920 Migration to Parallels Plesk Panel 10.3/10.4 fails with error: The system cannot find the path specified
  • 11117 Migration issue due to Windows password policy (applicable for versions prior to 10.2)
  • 112879 Migration and backup fails with unclear error: "Object has been excluded from restore" (applicable for version 10.x)
  • 111777 Could not parse permission 'manage_drweb', value 'false'</message>
  • 115598 Default value of MySQL global variable "wait_timeout" on Source or/and Destination server can interrupt migration with error "MySQL server gone away"

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