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Background: Jet engine is configured as the Parallels Plesk Panel (PP) Database Provider by default, and the PP SQL (MySQL) service is set to "disabled." However, the PP installer sets the MySQL administrator password to the same as the PP administrator's password. If the PP administrator's password is changed, the MySQL administrator password, which is set by the PP installer, remains the same.

Article's purpose: This article is for cases where MySQL is not used to store PP's "psa" database, and where the MySQL administrator password is lost or unknown. To be able to switch the PP Database Provider to MySQL, it is necessary to reset the MySQL administrator password to the current PP administrator password.


To switch from the PP Database Provider to the PP SQL (MySQL) server, take the following steps:

  1. Open the "%plesk_dir%\MySQL\Data\my.ini" file in Notepad.

  2. Add the "skip-grant-tables" record in the [PleskSQLServer] section and save the file.

  3. Set the startup type of the PP SQL server service to "Automatic" and start it.

  4. To change the default MySQL administrator password, open a command line prompt and run the following set of commands:

    cd %plesk_dir%\mysql\bin
    mysql -P8306
    mysql> use mysql
    mysql> update user set password=password('<as your Plesk admin Password>') where user="admin"; 
  5. Remove the "skip-grant-tables" record that was added in step 2. Save the file and restart the PP SQL server service.

  6. Run the PP Reconfigurator and select the "Switch DB provider" option.

  7. Enter the administrator's logins and passwords as the following:

    Server type:             MySQL
    Server address:           <enter the server address and port if required>
    Administrator login:     admin
    Administrator password:  <as your Plesk admin password>
    Database:                psa1 <or any name you like>
    Database user name:      admin1 <or any name you like>
    Password:                <as your Plesk admin password>
    Confirm password:        <as your Plesk admin password>

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