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The Virtuozzo key has a built-in expiration date. This has been implemented to help prevent fraud and theft. It requires the Virtuozzo software to check back with SWsoft's licensing system during a 10 day grace period [prior to the expiration date] to verify that the key hasn't been reported stolen and is being used in accordance with the End User License Agreement (i.e. installed on only one server). Once this is verified, the expiration date is auto-updated.

The Virtuozzo will attempt to connect via TCP/IP to SWsoft key server through port 5224. Please make sure that this is not blocked by a firewall. The update process runs automatically and the Virtuozzo Administrator does not need to do anything unless there's a problem. The license autoupdate functionality requires the line like this to be present in the /etc/crontab file on the hardware node:
26 10,22 * * * root /usr/sbin/vzkeyupdate -c

The exact values of hours and minutes on your system may be different, they are generated randomly by the Virtuozzo.

If the Virtuozzo key should expire, check your firewall and then run this command on the Virtuozzo hardware node:
'/usr/sbin/vzkeyupdate -n'

If the key could not be updated, contact your reseller or SWsoft (if you purchased the license directly from SWsoft).

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