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Parallels Virtual Automation Management Node stores event, resource, and operation logs in the database VZAgentDB. When there are a lot of log entries in the database, PVA Control Center may experience issues with displaying the GUI. For example, perhaps only the left tree is displayed and the main frame is blank. Apache log on to the PVA Management Node produces error entries similar to the following:

[error] fail to write message to pvaccd


Use one of the attached scripts to clean up the database on the Parallels Virtual Automation Management Node host.

It is possible to create a scheduled task and make a script that runs once every several days. The only input parameter the script requires is the number of days to leave in the database. The example below shows how to delete all logs except for the last 12 days:

  • On Linux: # ./ 12
  • On Windows: C:\>win_pvadb_clean.cmd 12

These scripts were verified and tested on the English locale only; their behavior may vary depending on the system locale and shell settings.

Additional Information

For PVA 4.0, also known as PIM, refer to this article:
How to delete old event, resource, and operation logs from PIM database

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