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When container is in bridged networking mode, offline management will not work. When someone tries to connect to https://CONTAINER_IP:4643, he will get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.


Offline management services are provided by wrapping requests on port 4643 and 8443 and sending them to PVA Power Panel (or Service Container in older versions of Parallels Containers). These requests go through venet0 interface on the node, so when container is in bridged mode all packets are routed directly to the virtual NIC inside the container bypassing venet0 thus offline management port redirection is not possible.


There are two possible ways out:

  1. Switch the container to host-routed mode;

  2. Add a second adapter to container which will work in host-routed mode and access container via ports 4643 and 8443 using this IP address;

  3. Add a second adapter to container which will work in host-routed mode and set up redirecting ports 4643 and 8443 to this adapter IP address on the router.

As an illustration for the last way, you need to set up redirection of to on the router:

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