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  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.0
  • Panels
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.6


I've registered the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.6 node in PBAS 4.0. After reboot of Virtuozzo 4.6 node, integration with PBAS 4.0 become broken, and I have to start vzagent_compatmanually to fix integration:

~# /usr/sbin/vzagent_compat_ctl start

How can I set this service to start automatically after rebooting the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.6 node?


The vzagent_compat service, required for integration of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.6 with PBAS 4.0, is not started automatically after the node is rebooted. To make this service start automatically, you should add command: "/usr/sbin/vzagent_compat_ctl start" into /etc/rc.local:

~# cat /etc/rc.local
# This script will be executed *after* all the other init scripts.
# You can put your own initialization stuff in here if you don't
# want to do the full Sys V style init stuff.

/usr/sbin/vzagent_compat_ctl start

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