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  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux
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How to apply Virtuozzo updates in a Virtuozzo Active-Passive RHL cluster?


In an active-passive Virtuozzo cluster, users need to apply Virtuozzo updates regularly to keep the system updated and secured.

For active nodes, it is enough to run vzup2date:

~# vzup2date -m batch install --self-update --loader-autoconfig

For spare nodes with a stopped 'vz' service, the following procedure should be used:

  1. Start the 'vz' service with the following command:

    ~# service vz start
  2. Apply Virtuozzo updates:

    ~# vzup2date -m batch install --self-update --loader-autoconfig
  3. Stop the 'vz' service:

    ~# service vz stop

Additional notes

  • For Parallels Virtuozzo Container for Linux 4.0 you need to create a temporary Service Container #1 (How do I (re)create Service Container?), using a free private IP address. It should be done before step 2. You may delete it after step 2 is complete.

  • It is safe to start vz service on the passive clustered node, as /vz mount point is available on active nodes only.

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