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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 11.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 11.5 for Linux


Since Plesk 10, Odin ships two sets of EZ templates for each Plesk release: Major-version and Version-free EZ templates.

Both templates provide the same software components; the only difference between them is what template updates are installed when a container is updated:

  • Major-version EZ templates install the latest patch level within major version of Plesk. Such templates are named as follows: pp<product_version>. Example: pp10 or pp11.

    • Version-free EZ templates always install the latest currently available Plesk version. It will not let you to install older version. Such templates are named just pp. Product version is not specified for such templates.

You can tell Major-version templates and Version-free ones apart based on their names: the name prefix of the first type contains major version (pp10), while the latter does not contain any version numbers (pp).


Before updating templates on the container, check what kind of Plesk template is installed. It can be checked by retrieving the list of the installed templates:

# vzpkg list CT_ID
centos-5-x86_642012-01-11 18:52:30
centos-5-x86_64  pp10  2012-05-25 12:26:14
centos-5-x86_64  pp10-qmail2012-05-25 12:26:14
centos-5-x86_64  mod_ssl   2012-05-25 12:26:14
centos-5-x86_64  mod_perl  2012-05-25 12:26:14
centos-5-x86_64  webalizer 2012-05-25 12:26:14

In this example we can see that Major-version EZ template is installed. If version of the installed Parallels Plesk Panel template is not specified, it means that Version-free template is installed.

Perform the following upgrade procedure depending on the type of the installed:

  1. Major-version EZ template. If Plesk was installed with the major-version template, it can be updated to the latest patch level within the same version with the following command:

    # vzpkg update CT_ID

    All application templates installed on a container will be updated to the latest patch level within major version. If Plesk 10.3 was installed after the update Plesk will be updated to the latest version of 10.x.

    For upgrading Plesk to the next version, the template of the next version should be specified. For upgrade to the version 11.x use the command:

    # vzpkg install CT_ID pp11

  2. Version-free EZ template. If Plesk was installed with the Version-free EZ template, it can be upgraded by updating the installed templates. No need to install a new templates:

    # vzpkg update CT_ID

    After the update the latest available version of Plesk will be installed.

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