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  • Plesk 10.x for Linux


Transferring of the subscription fails with the following warning message:

Warning: Some problems were encountered when attempting to assign some of the subscriptions to a new owner.
Unable to continue subscription transfer: this subscription requires more resources than can be provided by the new owner's provider.

but all the shown requirements are met.


It is not possible to transfer the subscription to the reseller if the number of the subscription Sitebuilder sites is greater than the one adjusted for the reseller.


Use the following query to make sure it is the issue described in this article:

mysql> select as domain_name, c.pname as client_owner_name, L1.limit_name, L1.value as domain_limit, L2.value as client_owner_limit,cp.val as reseller_oversell_value from domains d, Limits L1, cl_param cp, clients c join Limits L2 on ( and L2.limit_name = 'max_site_builder') where and cp.param = 'DecompositionRule' and and and L1.limit_name = 'max_site_builder' and = 'sites-limit.tld';
| domain_name | client_owner_name | limit_name | domain_limit | client_owner_limit | reseller_oversell_value |
| sites-limit.tld | sites-limit | max_site_builder | 1 | 0 | strict |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

As you can from the output the domain_limit and client_owner_limit values does not match. The client_owner_limit does not equal "-1" which means it is not "Unlimited". The Oversell policy configured for the reseller does not allow to exceed this limit.


Allow the Oversell policy for the reseller or just add the required value for the "Sites published with SiteBuilder" parameter.

When it is done the subscription can be transferred successfully.

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