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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.6
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.0


Assume you have the following:
node A - x86_64 arch, /vz over NFS 
node B - i686 arch, /vz over NFS (same volume) 

Live migration of a 32-bit CT between them does not work (in either direction):

[root@cat ~]# vzmigrate --online 1000's password: 
Connection to destination node ( is successfully established 
Moving/copying CT#1000 -> CT#1000, [], [] ... 
Checking external bind mounts 
Check cluster ID 
Checking SLM-only mode 
Checking capabilities for online migration 
Checking license restrictions 
Checking technologies 
Checking caches 
Checking IP addresses on destination node 
OfflineManagement CT#1000 ... 
Suspending CT#1000 ... 
Dumping CT#1000 ... 
Syncing dump file... 
Killing CT#1000 ... 
Umounting CT#1000 ... 
vzctl failed, exitcode=60 
can not undump CT#1000 : vzctl failed, exitcode=60 
This CT can't be migrated online at the moment. Try offline migration. 
Dumpfile /vz/dump/dumpfile.SzAF0d.saved saved 
Can't move/copy CT#1000 -> CT#1000, [], [] : vzctl failed, exitcode=60 
Starting CT#1000 ... 
can't send command to destination side : Broken pipe 
Resuming CT#1000 ... 
vzctl : cannot join cpt context: No such file or directory 
vzctl failed, exitcode=16 
OfflineManagement CT#1000 ... 

On the destination node, you see the following in /var/log/messages:
vzmdest: Undumping CT#1000 ... 
vzmdest: vzctl : Running vzquota on failed for Container 1000 [4] 
vzmdest: vzctl : Running vzquota setlimit failed for Container 1000 [4] 
vzmdest: vzctl : Container start failed 
vzmdest: vzctl failed, exitcode=60 
vzmdest: Killing CT#1000 ... 
vzmdest: vzctl : Container is not running 
vzmdest: vzctl failed, exitcode=31 
vzmdest: Unmounting CT#1000 ... 
vzmdest: vzctl failed, exitcode=40


The issue is caused by the "vzquota" utility, which will be fixed in vzquota by introducing a new platform-independent quota dump file. It will be implemented in a future release (not in 4.7).

Also see

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