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  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux


The Auto-Installer package is designed to automatically install the latest version of Parallels Containers for Linux available. You may need to install a previous version, which is not currently possible to achieve using the installation wizard.
This article describes how to install a required version of Parallels Containers for Linux using the latest version of the Auto-Installer package.


  1. Download the Auto-Installer package from the official website page:
    # wget -c
  2. Add execute permissions:
    # chmod a+x vzinstall-linux-x86_64.bin
  3. Obtain the list of available distributions:
    #./vzinstall-linux-x86_64.bin list
    Downloading index files...
    Templates set: (Default set)
    Version   Platform  Architecture  Download size
    4.7.0-94  Linux     i386          544MB
    4.7.0-94  Linux     x86_64        789MB
    4.6.0-187 Linux     i386          607MB
    4.6.0-187 Linux     x86_64        782MB
    4.0.0-448 Linux     i386          848MB
    4.0.0-448 Linux     ia64          940MB
    4.0.0-448 Linux     x86_64        1.0GB
    4.0       w2k3      i386          41MB
    4.0       w2k3      ia64          60MB
    4.0       w2k3      x86_64        48MB
  4. Install the needed release, e.g. for Parallels Containers for Linux 4.6 x86_64 that would be:
    # ./vzinstall-linux-x86_64.bin install --archs x86_64 --dist-ver 4.6.0-187 --platforms Linux --download-dir /root

Additional information

For more information about how to batch download a particular Parallels Containers version, refer to this article:
10043 How to download the full distribution of Parallels Containers for Linux

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