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  • Plesk 8.x for Linux/Unix


Some applications from Application Vault may not support PHP5 and may not work correctly with PHP 5. If PHP 5 support is not officially featured by this application vendor, then PHP dependency is set to 4.x for this application in Parallels Plesk Panel.

For applications which officially support PHP 5 version PHP dependency is set to >= 4.x.

PHP dependency is set in the application info.xml file, for example for Coppermine:


REQUIREMENTS section in this file defines application requirements, for example:

-------------for Coppermine:
    <APACHE_VHOST name="PHP" value="on" />
    <DATABASE type="mysql" name="" username="" passwd="" host="localhost" />

-------------for phpBB:
    <APACHE_VHOST name="PHP" value="on" />
    <DATABASE type="mysql" name="" username="" passwd="" host="localhost" />
    <VERSION name="PHP" value="4.0.3" rel="ge" />

For phpBB this means that it requires PHP to be enabled for the domain and its version should be greater then or equal to 4.0.3.

There is no version specification for Coppermine, in such cases default requirement is applied which is:

<VERSION name="PHP" rel="eq" value="4.x.x" />

i.e. PHP version should be equal to 4.x.x where x can be arbitrary digit. 'x' char here is only allowed for eq operator.

Other valid operators are:
# lt - less then
# le - less or equal
# gt - greater then
# ge - greater or equal
# eq - equal
# ne - not equal

Multiple VERSION directives are allowed, in this case they are concatenated with AND logic operator.

If you want you can install and use an application on PHP 5 anyway. Note that application performance is not guaranteed in those case as it was not guaranteed by application vendor and was not tested by Parallels Plesk Panel QA.

As an example, if you want to allow Coppemine applicatoin to be installable on system with PHP 5 you should add VERSION directive in its info.xml file in REQUIREMENTS section, like:

<VERSION name="PHP" value="4.0.3" rel="ge" />

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