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  • Resource usage alerts in PVA at Management > Alerts and Events > Alerts disappear after some time.

  • There is exclamation mark ! of "resource alert" against the virtual environment, however no alerts exist in the log:

    "There have been no alerts so far"


PVA considers a resource usage alert as a type of event. The PVA events retention policy is configured by default to hold up to 1000 event records in the database. Excess is purged by default via a periodic task once an hour.

The presence of orphaned exclamation mark ! in "Resource Alerts" of the virtual environment will be corrected in scope of PVA-34527 in future updates of PVA.


In order to change the default values, open the main configuration file on the PVA management node in a text editor:

  • Linux: vi /var/opt/pva/mn/etc/vzagent.conf
  • Windows: notepad "C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Parallels Virtual Automation\Management Server\Data\etc\VZAgent.conf"

Find the following section in it:


Adjust the values of these directives:

<limit> -- to set the number of event records to store in the PVA database
<timeout> -- to configure the periodicity of the event records clean-up task

Once the change is complete, restart PVA application to apply it:

  • Linux: pvamn restart
  • Windows: net stop pvamn && net start pvamn

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There have been no alerts so far

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