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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 10.3 for Linux/Unix


After upgrade to version 10.3, login to Horde Webmail takes a long time (20 seconds or longer). This happens for mail account in which the password is stored in encrypted form. Mail accounts in which the password is stored in plain text are not affected by this issue.


In version 10.3, CRAM-MD5 authorization has been enabled for the IMAP server. However, it cannot authenticate users with encrypted passwords. After a few attempts, it falls back onto another authentication algorythm.

In Plesk Panel version 10.3, Horde Webmail uses the CRAM-MD5 authentication method, which does not work when a password is stored in encrypted form. After three failed attempts to log in, it falls back to the plain text authentication method. This is the reason for the delay. Accounts with encrypted passwords can be found with the use of the mail_auth_view utility, as shown in the below example:
# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mail_auth_view
Authentication database contents:
|             address                  |flags|               password               |
|                       test@test.test |   E |                        aa79sMN6RD5Ps |
|                      test2@test.test |     |                               123qwe |
        A - account disabled
        D - domain disabled
        E - password encrypted


There are two possible alternative workarounds:

1. Reset the password for an account. Plesk Panel will store the new password as plain text in a database.

2. Reduce the number of login attempts in Horde configuration by adding a login_tries variable into the $servers['imap'] array in the file /etc/psa-webmail/horde/imp/servers.php as following:
# diff -uh servers.php.orig servers.php
--- servers.php.orig    2011-10-17 17:34:52.000000000 +0700
+++ servers.php 2011-10-17 17:35:47.000000000 +0700
@@ -243,6 +243,7 @@
 $servers['imap'] = array(
     'name' => 'IMAP Server',
     'server' => '',
+    'login_tries' => '1',
     'hordeauth' => false,
     'protocol' => 'imap/notls',
     'port' => 143,

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