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This article describes upgrade paths for the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) 3.x for Linux servers registered in PBA-S.

Upgrade instructions:

1. Upgrade PBA-S to the latest version.

Perform PBA-S upgrade following the instruction from the article.
       How do I upgrade PBA-S system to the latest available version?

2. Disable PBA-S synchronization with PVC node.

Disable synchronization between PBA-S and PVC nodes to avoid unnecessary communication during upgrade procedure. It can be done by unregistering node from PBA-S.
Provider CP -> Service Director -> Virtuozzo Manager -> Nodes -> Select node -> switch to the 'General Settings' Tab -> Click the 'Unregister' button.
PVC registration status will be set to 'Unregestered'.

3. Upgrade PVC.

Perform PVC upgrade to the desired version:

4. Set up new connection settings for the upgraded node.

If you upgraded PVC to the version 4.6 or 4.7 IP address should be changed as it described at the following article:
      How to change IP address for the PVC node registered in PBA-S

If PVC was upgrade to the version 4.0, change the registration status to 'Registered' by pressing the 'Register' button in PVC server properties on the 'General Settings' tab.

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