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  • Virtuozzo for Linux 3.x


You see the following messages reported by the "/scripts/fixquotas" script inside a container with CPanel installed in it:

Updating Quota Files......
quotacheck: WARNING - Quota file info was corrupted.
quotacheck: Block 0: Reference to illegal block 1
quotacheck: Block 1: Reference to illegal block 3

As a result, CPanel is showing "unlimited" quota reports for all users in the system. You may fix them using the ways described below.

Virtuozzo 2.6.2:
1. Please make sure that Parallels' "quota" package from the OS template is installed in the container:
# rpm -q quota

The "quota" package should have "swsoft" in its suffix.

If the "quota" package does not have a "swsoft" suffix, you may reinstall it into the container from the OS template. Please find below an example for container #101 based on the Fedora Core 2 OS template:
# /usr/share/vzpkgtools/vzrpm/bin/rpm --root /vz/root/101 --veid 101 --dbpath /var/lib/rpm -ihv --force /vz/template/fedora-core-2/quota-3.10-2.2.swsoft.i386.vz.rpm

2. Issue the following command inside the container:
# ln -sf /bin/true /sbin/quotacheck

Please note that upgrading the quota package to a non-Parallels' one will break this workaround.

Virtuozzo 3.0 and higher:

There is no need to install Parallels' "quota" package in a container running on the Virtuozzo 3.0 node; the reason for the problem is that CPanel has a tendency to overwrite the special quota files in a container context:
lrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 39 Jun 8 17:27 -> /proc/vz/vzaquota/00000073/
lrwxr-xr-x 1 root root 38 Jun 8 17:27 aquota.user -> /proc/vz/vzaquota/00000073/aquota.user

A solution to this is to run these commands from within the container as root:

rm -rf /aquota.user 2>/dev/null
rm -rf / 2>/dev/null
unlink /aquota.user 2>/dev/null
unlink / 2>/dev/null
ln -sf /bin/true /sbin/quotacheck
find /proc/vz/vzaquota/*$(stat -c %t%T /dev/vzfs)/* -type f -exec ln -sf {} / \;

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