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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 10.4 for Linux/Unix
  • Plesk 10.4 for Windows


As of Parallels Panel 10.4, there is an ability to adjust the PHP configuration individually for each hosting plan or subscription. For this purpose, Panel exposes a number of PHP configuration settings on the PHP Settings tab.

All PHP settings in Panel are divided into three groups:

  • Performance settings
    These settings define how scripts work with system resources. For example: Use the memory_limit parameter to limit the amount of memory for a script and, as a consequence, prevent memory leaks; or prevent scripts from tying up the server by limiting the maximum time scripts are allowed to run in max_execution_time.
  • Common settings
    This group contains other commonly used PHP settings. Generally, these are: Security settings (such as the PHP safe mode toggle or permission to register global variables), error reporting settings (such as the directive to log errors), and other.
  • Additional directives
    If you cannot find particular parameters among performance or common settings, add them in the PHP Settings > Additional configuration directives field. All directives from that field will be included in the final PHP configuration. For example, if you want PHP to log errors to your own file, add the line: error_log=/tmp/my_file.log. Additional directives are available only to the Panel administrator. Customers do not have a corresponding field in the Control Panel.
Customers can override subscription PHP settings with their own per-website and per-subdomain PHP configuration if they are granted with the permissions:

  • Hosting performance settings management
    Along with management of some other settings, this permission grants customers access to PHP settings from the performance settings group.

  • Common PHP settings management
    If granted, the permission allows customers to adjust PHP settings from the common settings group.
Note that you can toggle these permissions for a plan (subscription) only if it has the granted Hosting settings management permission. The Hosting settings management permission allows the subscriber to adjust performance PHP settings individually for each website (subdomain) in their subscription. In addition, it allows the subscriber to set up limits on bandwidth usage and number of connections to their websites.

See Parallels Plesk Panel administrator's guide for more details.

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