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During recovery from various disasters (such as hardware failure, host system compromise, and others), it may become necessary to re-setup PVC node from scratch. Use the following steps to perform this procedure in the POA environment:

  1. List properties of the PVC hardware node registered in the POA database (let's say node's ID in POA is 31):

    plesk=> select * from hw_nodes where host_id=31;
    Expanded display is on.
    -[ RECORD 1 ]----+-------------------------------------
    host_id          | 31
    agent_username   | root
    agent_passwd     | {PEMBF}zlQXVFcVn/Ekcscjnfy1bA==
    agent_ip         |
    vz_ver_id        | 1
    slm_support      | 1
    hw_state         | a
    access_type      | p
    migrations_limit | 10
    last_check_time  | 2011-11-09 00:00:00+06
    ves_num          | 6
    is_service       | 1
    treport_task_id  | 0
    eid              | 0b412480-102d-5147-80f4-d71dcc4d9665
    protocol         | tcp
    lic_status       | a
    architecture     | x86_64
    logdir           |
  2. Set up the physical box; assign the same IP address; and install the OS suitable for the forthcoming PVC installation. Set up the same administrative account/password.

  3. Install the same version of PVC that you previously used. Follow solution from article:

    112006 -- How to install a specific version of Parallels Containers for Linux.

  4. Install compatible PVA Agent version according to the following article:

    112297 -- How to Install/Reinstall/Upgrade PVA 4.6 Agent to a PVC 4.6 HW Node on Redhat/CentOS 4.x

  5. Identify EID of the new PVC installation:

    111205 -- How to find out Parallels Virtuozzo Containers node EID?

  6. Update EID registered in POA database for the PVC hardware node:

    plesk=> update hw_nodes set eid='f7e1954b-c98e-4d94-aae1-0e61e0dfe480' where host_id=31;

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