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  • Virtual Automation 4.6


This article describes how to deploy PVA Management Node for Windows with external MS SQL server in order to optimize performance for large PVA groups.
It is suggested to deploy PVA Management Node using two separate servers:
  1. PVA Management Node application
  2. MSSQL database server
Deploying PVA Management Node:

1. Follow this article to install PVA Management Node application:
112359 How to install PVA 4.6 Management Node to a PVCfW container
NOTE: It can be physical box with the similar CPU, RAM and HDD resources.

2. Make full dump of PVA Management Node database:
mkdir c:\mn
OSQL.EXE -S (local)\pvaagent -E -l 120 -b -r -Q "BACKUP DATABASE VZAgentDB TO DISK = 'c:\mn\vzagentdb.dat'"

Deploying SQL server node:

1. Install a separate MS SQL server host onto a powerful machine connected to PVA Management Node with 1 GB Ethernet.

2. While installing the software, make sure that you unchecked Hide advanced configuration parameters in wizard and configured the MS SQL server instance as follows:
Named instance: PVAAGENT
Run by: Builtin system account (Network Service)
Authentication: Mixed Mode
Collation mode: Cyrillic_general, Accent_sensitive

NOTE: Replace the highlighted filed with actual sa user password you would like to use.

3. When installed, configure the instance to accept remote connections over TCP/IP.

4. Copy C:\mn folder from PVA Management Node to SQL host and restore the dump:
OSQL.EXE -S (local)\pvaagent -E -l 120 -b -r -Q "RESTORE DATABASE VZAgentDB FROM DISK = 'c:\mn\vzagentdb.dat' WITH REPLACE"

Configuring PVA Management Node to use external MS SQL server:

1. Log in to PVA Management Node and run Command Prompt as administrator.

2. Stop Management Service:
net stop pvamn

3. Remove dependency on MS SQL:
sc config pvamn depends= ""
sc config MSSQL$PVAAGENT start= disabled

4. Correct configuration files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Parallels Virtual Automation\Management Server\Data\ to use the external MS SQL server:
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Parallels Virtual Automation\Management Server\Data\
echo MSSQL_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS\PVAAGENT > etc\database.conf
echo database >> etc\database.conf
base64 -e > .pstorage\database

NOTE: Replace highlighted fields with actual IP address and sa user password specified earlier.

5. Start PVA Management Node service:
net start pvamn

6. Verify that the procedure worked by accessing PVA Control Center via https://IP_ADDRESS_OF_PVA_MN:4648.

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