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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


In some cases, it is necessary to change the service startup mode to "manual" or even "disabled" in order to troubleshoot container startup or reboot issues.
This article describes how to change a container's service startup mode without starting the container.


To change the service startup mode inside a container, follow these steps:
1. Make sure the container in question is stopped.

2. Mount the container's private area and registry:
vzctl mount CTID

3. Open the registry editor:

4. Navigate to the "start" key in the container registry hive: HKLM\vzCTID\machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\SERVICE_NAME.

5. Change it to the required value (usually - 2,3,4 for non-kernel services):

0x0            Kernel    
0x1            I/O        
(System)       subsystem  

0x2            Service    
(Auto load)    Control    

0x3            Service    
(Load on       Control    
demand)        Manager    

0x4            Service    
(disabled)     Control    

For more details, refer to Microsoft KB#103000.

6. Start the container without umounting it.

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