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  • Virtuozzo hypervisor 5.0


It is not possible to create a partition larger than 2 Tb during Parallels Server Bare Metal 5 installation.


This a known issue for MBR partitions:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Technical Notes: Known Issues
Installation on large disks (i.e. more than 2TB) on non-EFI platforms may encounter some limitations. Many BIOS systems can only boot disks that contain MSDOS partition tables, which cannot fully address large disks. A GPT partition table can address the full disk, but may not be bootable from BIOS. Consequently, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux installer does not support installing the GRUB bootloader to disks that contain GPT partition tables on non-EFI systems. When installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 on a non-EFI system that contains one or more large disks, create a GPT partition table on each of the disks before proceeding to the storage configuration portion of the install process. Leaving the large disks uninitialized, or using an MSDOS partition table on them, can cause problems when creating partitions using anaconda.


During installation switch to text console using alt+ctrl+f2 before disk partitioning screen and change partition table on the disk (in this example - sdb) in question to GPT:
parted /dev/sdb

mklabel gpt


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