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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 9.x for Windows
  • Plesk 8.x for Windows
  • Sitebuilder 4.5 for Windows


A Parallels Plesk Panel (PP) domain was previously assigned to a SiteBuilder site, but its integration configuration has been lost. The old site exists in Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder, but it is not linked to the PP domain.

How can I repair the integration?

Additional information

Suppose the name of the PP domain is SBDOMAIN.TLD. If integration with Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder was previously configured, the alias of the SiteBuilder site is also SBDOMAIN.TLD. The site was published into the domain's directory, httpdocs/sitebuilder, and is available via http://SBDOMAIN.TLD/site. Now, the site SBDOMAIN.TLD exists in Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder. However, SiteBuilder support is disabled for the PP domain SBDOMAIN.TLD.


1. First, repair the backup SiteBuilder site (just in case):

“%SB_ROOT%\Utils\sbbackup” sites --uuid=ba48c52d-a877-4a3d-9041-4b2709d4a760 --with-hosts --with-site-families --with-site-content --output="C:\SBDOMAIN.TLD.xml"
[2012-03-20 05:24:33,385][INFO] Log started...
[2012-03-20 05:24:36,713][INFO] ...log closed

"%SB_ROOT%" is the directory where Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder 4.5 for Windows is installed (for example, "C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\SiteBuilder"). "ba48c52d-a877-4a3d-9041-4b2709d4a760" is the uuid of the old site. You may get it from Site Preview:

Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder > Sites > SBDOMAIN.TLD > Preview this Site

Verify that the valid site's dump was created:

<Site xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <OwnerUserName>SB USER</OwnerUserName>
      <Address />
      <UserName>SB USER</UserName>
      <Password>SOME PASSWORD HERE</Password>

The site may be restored from backup "C:\SBDOMAIN.TLD.xml" with the utility sbrestore:

“%SB_ROOT%\Utils\sbrestore” all --parent-name="SB USER" --input="C:\SBDOMAIN.TLD.xml" --log="C:\sbrestore.log"

“SB USER” is the owner of the site after restoration.

2. Change the name of the old site from "SBDOMAIN.TLD" to "SBDOMAIN.TLD.bak" through the following:

Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder > Sites > SBDOMAIN.TLD > Site name*

Note: The existence of the site with the alias SBDOMAIN.TLD in Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder prevents you from enabling SiteBuilder support for SBDOMAIN.TLD through Parallels Plesk Panel again. The following error is shown in this case:

Warning: Sitebuilder error:
Site already exists in Sitebuilder

3. After the site is renamed, you may enable SiteBuilder support for the domain SBDOMAIN.TLD via the following:

Parallels Plesk Panel > Home > Domains > SBDOMAIN.TLD > Web Hosting Settings > enable "Create Web site using Sitebuilder" and click OK.

The new site SBDOMAIN.TLD with default content is created in Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder, which is opened through the following:

Parallels Plesk Panel > Home > Domains> SBDOMAIN.TLD > Edit in Sitebuilder

4. Open new site in Site Preview to get its uuid:

Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder > Sites > SBDOMAIN.TLD > Preview this Site

5. Through Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder, change the name of the new site from "SBDOMAIN.TLD" to "SBDOMAIN.TLD.bak2" and change the name of old site from "SBDOMAIN.TLD.bak" to "SBDOMAIN.TLD." Now, there will be two sites in Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder: the original site, SBDOMAIN.TLD, and the default site, SBDOMAIN.TLD.bak2.

6. Integration of PP domain and the SiteBuilder site is stored in the wsb_param table of the Parallels Plesk Panel database. Here are the commands to get the configuration:

"%plesk_bin%\dbclient.exe" --direct-sql --sql="select id from domains where name='SBDOMAIN.TLD'"

"%plesk_bin%\dbclient.exe" --direct-sql --sql="select * from wsb_param where dom_id=NN and param='sbsite_guid'"
dom_id  dom_type        param   val
NN      domain  sbsite_guid     8c80e911-8f52-4e7a-9ec9-0c4170213cbe

The output above shows that the domain SBDOMAIN.TLD has the ID NN in Parallels Plesk Panel. It is linked to the new site with the uuid "8c80e911-8f52-4e7a-9ec9-0c4170213cbe."

Change the site's uuid to the old one:

"%plesk_bin%\dbclient.exe" --direct-sql --sql="update wsb_param set val='ba48c52d-a877-4a3d-9041-4b2709d4a760' where dom_id=NN and param='sbsite_guid'"

This resolves the issue: the old SiteBuilder site is opened through the following:

Parallels Plesk Panel > Domains > SBDOMAIN.TLD > Edit in Sitebuilder

7. Remove the auxiliary site SBDOMAIN.TLD.bak2 from Parallels Plesk SiteBuilder.

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