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  • Virtuozzo containers


A backup of a container with VSS-enabled SCSI disks fails with the error
Acronis Error: Module=10 Code=0{=0}, Tag=f22447445b0f1eae

C:\Users\Administrator>vzabackup -F mypvcnode -e 101
Starting backup operation for node 'mypvcnode'...
* Operation with the Container savsvrtest is started
* Backing up environment savsvrtest locally
* Checking parameters
* Creating backup 9e118f51-dffd-481b-b238-29448494e404/20110920054418
* Adjusting backup type (full)
* Backup storage: receiving backup file
* Backing up private area
* Backing up whole drive C:
 100% |**************************************************************|
* Backing up whole drive D:
* Operation with the Container savsvrtest is finished with errors: Failed to bac
kup partition
Acronis Error: Module=7 Code=3, "Read error"{=0}, Tag=0
Acronis Error: Module=10 Code=0{=0}, Tag=f22447445b0f1eae.
Backup operation for node 'mypvcnode' failed: Failed to backup partition
Acronis Error: Module=7 Code=3, "Read error"{=0}, Tag=0
Acronis Error: Module=10 Code=0{=0}, Tag=f22447445b0f1eae
Backup failed


Current version of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows backup tools does not support backup of SCSI disks with enabled VSS by means of vzabackup.


There are two ways to work around the issue:
  1. Backup the container SCSI disks by means of VSS:
    112060 Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows best practices and known limitations
  2. Stop the container before the backup by means of vzabackup:
    vzctl stop CTID
    vzabackup -F localhost -e CTID

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