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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 8.x for Windows


A backup or migration process hangs for a long time at the initial step, showing the saving… message. You may even find a System.OutOfMemoryException in log files.


The issue may be caused by having a large number of custom logos in the %plesk_dir%\admin\htdocs\images\logos folder and records about them in the psa.logos table.


Clear the unneeded logos from the mentioned folder and database table:

1) Make a dump of the Parallels Plesk Panel database, just in case:
%plesk_dir%\MySQL\bin>mysqldump.exe -uadmin -ppassword -P8306 psa > C:\psadump.sql

(where "password" is the Plesk admin password)

2) Check the number of records for custom logos in the psa.logos table by running this command:
%plesk_dir%\admin\bin>dbclient.exe --direct-sql --sql="select count(*) from Logos"

If there are plenty of logos, it will show something like the following:
3) Check what logo is used by the admin:
%plesk_dir%\admin\bin>dbclient.exe --direct-sql --sql="select,logos.fake from logos,misc where misc.param like '%logo%'"
The command will show you the ID of the admin logo and the name of the admin logo file.

4) Check what logos are used by clients:
%plesk_dir%\admin\bin>dbclient.exe --direct-sql --sql="select id,fake from logos where id in (select clients.logo_id from logos,clients where AND clients.logo_id <> 0 AND logos.fake <>'');"{cle}

It will show something like the following:

id fake
454 logo11412
456 logo1464
2363 {logoImg-fbcef092-5437-11de-9ffc-0030489258ca}

5) All logos obtained in steps 3 and 4 are real logos that should be preserved. All other logos can be deleted. Find the files specified in the fake row in steps 3 and 4 in the %plesk_dir%\admin\htdocs\images\logos folder, and move all other files to a different location, for example, to a logos.old folder.

6) These steps are sufficient to fix the issue. However, a database can also be cleared in order to get rid of redundant information. Compose the list of IDs obtained in steps 3 and 4 and execute the following query in order to delete all other logos, except those that are used:

%plesk_dir%\admin\bin>dbclient.exe --direct-sql --sql="delete from logos where id NOT in (1,2,3,4)"

Note: Replace 1,2,3,4 with the actual list of logos used by the admin and clients.

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