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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 10.x for Linux
  • Plesk 10.x for Windows


After upgrading Parallels Plesk Panel (PP) to version 10.x, the domain administrator's usernames are changed. For example, for domain.tld, the username was “domain.tld” in PP 8.x, but in 10.x, the username “somename” must be used in order to log in to the control panel. Is there a way to make usernames in 10.x the same they were in 8.6?


The domain administrator's account for the domain.tld domain of PP 8.x has been converted into a user or customer account, depending on settings you selected during the upgrade to PP 10.x.


Parallels Plesk Panel 10 introduces a completely new objects hierarchy; thus, upgrading to version 10 usually requires pre- and post-upgrade configuration changes.
Reading this guide will familiarize you with object transformation during migration to 10.x from earlier PP versions:
Adminitrator’s Guide to Switching to Parallels Plesk Panel 10


What Happens When You Upgrade or Migrate to Parallels Plesk Panel 10
When you upgrade or migrate to Parallels Plesk Panel 10, accounts, domains, users, and domain templates are transformed according to the following schemes:
Reseller accounts are transferred without changes, and resources are allocated to them by means of custom subscription, which are not bound to plans.

- Client accounts become customer accounts, and after upgrade or migration is finished, you need to perform either of the following operations to make sure that the accounts fit in the new business model:

- Redistribute former clients' resources among the subscriptions belonging to them.
- Convert customers to resellers and assign the existing subscriptions to them. This can be done if the customer accounts did not belong to a reseller before upgrade or migration.

- Domains are converted to individual subscriptions. The subscriptions are assigned to the administrator, resellers, or customers, depending on whom the former domains belonged to.
- Domain administrator accounts are converted to user accounts, which are assigned to the customers who own the corresponding domains.
- Domain templates belonging to the server administrator and resellers are converted to hosting plans.
- Reseller templates are converted to reseller plans.

Here is a more detailed explanation of domain administrator account conversion schemes:

For domains that had domain administrator accounts configured, you can keep the automatic conversion results or choose to use any of the following schemes:
  • Upgrade the former domain administrators to resellers' customers and assign the domains to them.
  • Convert to subscription with users. Domain administrator accounts remain users with access only to that subscription.
  • Convert to subscription without users. The former domain administrator account is removed.

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