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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 11.0 for Linux
  • Plesk 11.0 for Windows


The following bugs have been fixed in Parallels Plesk Panel (PP):

Parallels Plesk Panel
[-] PP did not check the strength of the administrator's password provided during the initial configuration. (112284)
[-] The Administrator's Guide contained the incorrect instructions on how to renew an expired subscription. (112725)
[-] Administrators could not transfer a singe subscription from PP 10 to PP 11. PP raised the error: "Line 48 error: Element 'template-item': This element is not expected." (112694)
[-] Administrators failed to upgrade through transfer-protected directories with the ssl,nossl,cgi settings from version 9.5.4. (108065)
[-] Administrators encountered an error message after successfully transferring data from another PP server when domains on the source server had the CNAME "mail" DNS record. (109958)

[-] After upgrading to PP 11, administrators continued to be notified about updates available for the 10.4 version. The notifications were displayed on the Home page.
[-] (Linux only) The administrator failed to perform an upgrade from PP 10.4 to PP 11 if the Atomic repository was registered on a server and at least one package was installed from the repository. (111921)
[-] (Linux only) Administrator could not switch PP to use Apache with SNI support through Parallels Installer. (112615)
[-] (Linux only) Administrators could not transfer reseller accounts that had service plans. (98887) ***
[-] (Linux only) Administrators could not migrate mailing lists from cPanel. The following error was recorded in migration log files: "INFO Unable to find Mailman installation. Skip dumping maillists." (108509)
[-] (Linux only) Administrators encountered confusing warning messages on attempting to install or update PP on CloudLinux. (112543)
[-] (Linux only) On Ubuntu 10.04, customers could not create mailboxes after upgrading from version 10.4.4. (112282)
[-] (Linux only) PP mistakenly showed error messages after migrating subscriptions from cPanel. (102530)

*** - These changes have been reverted in MU #6.
Parallels Customer and Business Manager
[*] Business Manager uses a more reliable domain name availability checker,, for RU, РФ, and other Russian domain zones.

Before Now
Business Manager uses as the default domain name availability checker. Business Manager uses as the default domain name availability checker. If you continue to experience issues with Russian domain zones, define the server manually in All Settings > Supported TLDs.

[-] After upgrading a hosting subscription, customers saw the "Prorated X Fee" service subscription in the UI. Business Manager now hides this subscription from customers.
[-] Customers were unable to pay invoices from the Control Panel: After clicking on Pay this invoice or Pay all outstanding invoices, PP displayed a blank screen.
[-] Business Manager showed all domain names in the CA zone as available for purchase regardless of their actual availability.

Additional information

For more information about the Micro-Update installation procedure, see the following article:
#9294: Using Micro-Updates in Parallels Plesk Panel 9.x, 10.x, 11.x and Parallels Small Business Panel.

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