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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows does not automatically propagate security patches for a particular server role to containers if the role is not installed on the Hardware Node itself.

There are two ways to apply the security patches to the affected containers. Please consider the circumstances and the possible consequences before choosing either of two.

Install the missing role to the Hardware Node

It is recommended that you follow this method if these factors are met:
  • There are many containers (three or more) with the affected role.
  • Only a few roles are affected (three or fewer).
  • Containers will not be migrated to other hosts.
To perform this method, follow these steps:
  1. Install the role which requires the security updates to the Hardware Node.
  2. Install security patches for this role.
  3. Reboot the Hardware Node to apply the patches.
NOTE: In the event of migration, both the source and destination Nodes must have the identical set of roles installed.
NOTE: If a backup of such container is restored on the other Node, it must have the same set of roles that was installed on the host at the moment of making the backup.

Install the update directly to the container

It recommended that you follow this method if all of the below factors are met:
  • There are not any drivers (*.sys) included in the update.
  • Only a few containers (one or two) are affected.
  • A large number of roles (three or more) require security patches.
To perform this method, apply the patches as follows:
  1. Download the required patches inside of the affected container.
  2. Run manual installation for these patches.
  3. Restart the container.
NOTE: This approach requires a lot of administrative effort and cannot be applied if there are any drivers included in the update.

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