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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


Note: The issue has been fixed since Aug 29 2012 on Odin WSUS servers. Thus the below article is not actual anymore.

Symptoms vary:

  • Windows update intallations fail
  • Issues appear during migrations


Microsoft has released a new version of Update Agent (7.6.7600.256) that is not compatible with the Parallels WSUS server.

The above Update Agent was installed to your server as a result of performing any of the following actions (which are strictly forbidden): - Installing Microsoft updates using Internet Explorer; - Clicking the "Check online for updates from Windows Update" link in the Windows Update wizard.


The issue has been fixed since Aug 29 2012 on Odin WSUS servers. The above symptoms cannot be caused by it anymore.


Note: If you want an approved solution, please stop and follow the Resolution part above.

Alternatively, you may try using the following workaround, depending on your operating system:

For Windows Server 2003:

  • Download the WSUS 7.1 Agent installer for your particular architecture:



  • Run the installer with the "/wuforce" key to replace any installed version with the needed one. For example:

    cd <folder_where_you_downloaded_the_installer>
    WindowsUpdateAgent30-<architecture>.exe /wuforce`
  • Then trigger the update retrieval:

    wuauclt /detectnow /resetauthorization`

For Windows Server 2008:

  • Download the 7.6 Agent installer for your OS architecture: (7849Kb) (8883Kb)

  • Unpack it to a folder.

  • Run the following commands to uninstall the new 7.6 Update Agent:

        cd <folder_where_you_unpacked_the_archive>
        wusetup /uninstall`
  • Uninstalling version 7.6 reverts the Agent to the version that was previously installed, so no extra actions are necessary.

The above instructions were based on the first answer from this thread:

WSUS - How to downgrade client version from 7.6.7600.256 to 7.4.7600.226

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