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This article explains how to customize the resource alert threshold values for the PVA infrastructure.

Parallels Virtual Automation Management Node checks resource usage for containers on slave nodes and displays yellow alerts (warnings) or red alerts (errors) depending on what percentage of resources are used by a container.

By default, if a container is using more than 85 percent of resources, a yellow alert is displayed in the Control Center; if more than 95 percent of resources are used, a red alert is displayed.

It is possible to customize these threshold values for a single host or for all the nodes in the PVA infrastructure.


Change threshold values from PVA Management Node for all nodes

If you have PVA Management Node installed and you want to update threshold values for all nodes in the infrastructure:

  1. Log in to the PVA Management Node shell.

  2. Run the following commands in the command prompt:

    # vzagroup reconfigure /data/resource_alert_monitor/configuration/yellow_alerts_threshold YELLOW_VALUE
    # vzagroup reconfigure /data/resource_alert_monitor/configuration/red_alerts_threshold RED_VALUE

    (replacing YELLOW_VALUE and RED_VALUE with the values for the yellow alerts threshold and the red alerts threshold as percentages, e.g., 80, 90).

Change threshold values for a single node

  1. Log in to the slave node shell.

  2. Locate the vzagent.conf file in one of these directories:

  3. Change the yellow_alerts_threshold and red_alerts_threshold values as per your requirements.

  4. Restart PVA Agent:

    # pvaagent restart
    net stop pvaagent && net start pvaagent

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