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  • Applies to:
  • Virtual Automation 4.6
1. What's Included in This Update

This update for Parallels Virtual Automation 4.6.4 adds support for PSBM 5.0 Update 6 (TU-1247) 114856 and provides a number of bug fixes.

2. Problem Description

 This update contains the following new features:
  • Support for PSBM 5.0 Update 6 (TU-1247)
  • Error frames and task details frames now linked to the Knowledgebase
This update contains fixes for the following issues:
  • Cannot create virtual environment template (#PVA-33110)
  • The CPU Limit percentage text field only allows three-digit numbers (#PVA-33109)
  • Starting a restored container with PPA fails with the error message "Not enough parameters to start the Container" (#PVA-33034)
  • In PBA-S, provisioning of a container with HP "VSwap only resource management" fails with the error message "fork() failed: Cannot allocate memory" Error: Unable to start the Container" (#PVA-32975)
  • [FireFox] The search field is missing from Help (#PVA-32957)
  • [IE 9] The search bar and table navigation panel do not work on the Hardware Node > Container Software tab (#PVA-32945)
  • Scheduled weekly backup tasks are run twice (#PVA-32943)
  • Incorrect values in the "Free memory" cell on the Container > Resources Overview subtab (#PVA-32942)
  • PVA Administration Guide improvements (#PVA-32941)
  • Acronis backup fails on containers with 100K or more nodes due to insufficient disk space in /tmp (KB article 113802 ) (#PVA-32940)
  • Container caches not included in memory usage calculation (#PVA-32931)
  • PVA Agent may fail to restart due to temporarily insufficient node disk space (#PVA-32930)
  • Acronis backup may fail and produce a core dump on backup start in EvaluateMountPoints (#PVA-32908)
  • Creating a VM backup from PVA may fail with vzp_backup_deserializer segfaulting in (anonymous namespace)::History::getObsolete (#PVA-32898)

3. Obtaining the Update

You can download and install PVA Agent and the Master updates using the "pva setup" utility included in the Parallels Virtual Automation distribution.

For more information on Parallels Virtual Automation 4.6 builds, releases, and supported virtualization products, please see KB article 112297.

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