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Web Presence Builder 11 Standalone integration with cPanel is intended for hosting service providers who use cPanel and want to provide their customers with the website creation and maintenance tools offered by Web Presence Builder.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Before attempting to integrate Web Presence Builder with cPanel, please make sure the following requirements are met:

  1. Your cPanel installation is configured to ensure that it is compatible with Web Presence Builder.

  2. Web Presence Builder is installed on a separate server and configured.

  3. The following components are installed on the cPanel server:

    PHP 5.0 or later.
    ionCube Loader 3.1.15 or later.
    PHP extensions: dom, mbstring, zlib, session, and gd.

For details, see chapter Prerequisites and Requirements of the integration guide.

Integration Overview

Integration of Web Presence Builder with cPanel involves the following steps:

  1. Install and configure Web Presence Builder 11 Standalone on a separate server.
  2. Configure the cPanel server to ensure it meets the hosting requirements described in the section above and in Prerequisites and Requirements.
  3. Obtain the command-line utility called and run it on the cPanel server. This utility:

    • Installs a cPanel plugin which operates Web Presence Builder installations by means of the API.
    • Adds the Web Presence Builder option to all existing feature lists and packages.

    This enables all user accounts to have access to the editor: the Web Presence Builder button becomes available in cPanel > Home > Software/Services group.

  4. Specify the URL and credentials that cPanel will use for connecting to the server where Web Presence Builder is installed. This is done by editing a configuration file.

You can find more details at Web Presence Builder for cPanel Installation and Administration Guide

After the integration is successfully completed, users will be able to create and edit sites with Web Presence Builder under their main (primary) cPanel domain names. Creation of sites under subdomains and add-on domains is not currently supported.

Additional information

Video: "Deploying Web Presence Builder for cPanel"

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