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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7
  • Virtual Automation 6.0


Virtual Automation uses MySQL database (on Linux) to store task logs, events, and alerts. In some cases, it is necessary to either migrate the data to another machine, or back up and restore the database on the local machine.

This article provides instructions on how to back up and restore a PVA Management Node database.

NOTE: in case of migration the version of a new PVA MN should be the same as the version of the existing installation.


Backup (on source node)

  1. Stop PVA services:

    ~# pvamn stop
  2. Dump tables data only:

    ~# mysqldump --skip-opt VZAgentDB | grep ^INSERT > inserts.sql
  3. Get the list of tables and views:

    ~# echo 'show tables' | mysql VZAgentDB | tail -n +2 > tables.txt
  4. Dump create statements:

    ~# for TABLE in `cat tables.txt` ; do echo "SHOW CREATE TABLE $TABLE" | mysql VZAgentDB | tail -n +2 | sed -e 's/^\w\+\s\+//i; s/\\n/ /g; s/$/;/;'; done > creates.sql
  5. Download attached script for sorting these statements:

    ~# wget
  6. Sort create statements:

    ~# perl creates.sql > sorted_creates.sql
  7. for migration only Pack data into archive:

    ~# tar -cvzf backup_pvamn.tgz sorted_creates.sql inserts.sql
  8. for migration only Copy data to destination server

Restore (on destination node)

  1. Stop MySQL service:

    ~# service mysql stop
  2. Back up all MySQL data:

    ~# tar -cvzf backup_mysql.tgz /var/lib/mysql
  3. Start MySQL service:

    ~# service mysql start
  4. for migration only Unpack data from archive:

    ~# tar -xvzf backup_pvamn.tgz
  5. Stop PVA services:

    ~# pvamn stop
  6. Drop VZAgentDB database:

    ~# mysql -NBe "DROP DATABASE VZAgentDB"
  7. Recreate it:

  8. Restore database structure:

    ~# mysql VZAgentDB < sorted_creates.sql
  9. Restore database contents (it may take a while):

    ~# (echo "SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0;" ; cat inserts.sql ) | mysql VZAgentDB
  10. Copy the whole /var/opt/pva/mn/etc/ directory from the old PVA Management Node installation to the new server in order to save previous settings.

  11. Start PVA services:

    ~# pvamn start

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