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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor 5.0


Synopsis: New Parallels Server Bare Metal 5.0 tools update provides fixes related to Container management functionality.
Issue date: 02-08-2013
Product: Parallels Server Bare Metal
Keywords: "Fedora" "EZ template" "backup" "network"
1. What's Included in This Update
New packages for Parallels Server Bare Metal 5.0 provide user-level tool
fixes for managing virtual machines, Containers, and their backups.
2. Problem Description
The new packages introduce the following feature:
- Ability to create and manage Containers based on the Fedora 18 EZ
The new packages also contain fixes for the following issues:
- Virtual machine may crash during backup if another backup attempt is performed
  in parallel. (#PSBM-17734, #PSBM-17837)
- Virtual machine may fail to boot after restoration from backup if its disk
  size is larger than 2TB. (#PSBM-17732)
- Some action scripts are not executed on "VM reset" action. (#PSBM-17115)
- A Container cannot be migrated from a Hardware Node with Parallels Server Bare
  Metal 5.0 product installed to a node with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0
  product installed. (#PSBM-17183)
- "vzlicmon" prints "out of memory" errors. (#PSBM-17040)
- Network data transferred to a virtual machine with Intel's network adapter
  emulation may be corrupted under certain conditions. (#PSBM-18125)
- Action scripts lost after virtual machine's restore from backup. (#PSBM-17386)
- There can be two default routes configured inside Ubuntu 12.04-based Container
  under certain conditions. (#PSBM-17442)
- Warnings printed on Parallels Guest Tools installation in virtual machines
  with Debian or Ubuntu operating system inside. (#PSBM-17779)
All Parallels Server Bare Metal users are advised to update their tools
3. Obtaining the Update
 You can download and install this tools update using the "vzup2date" utility
 included in the Parallels Server Bare Metal 5.0 distribution.
4. Installing the Update
 Use the "vzup2date" command to install the new Parallels Server Bare Metal
 tools packages.
 The update does not require a Parallels Server Bare Metal restart or system
5. RPMs required:
 The following RPM packages are included in the tools update:
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