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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


A virtual machine based on Windows Server 2008R2 with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows freezes.

A lot of similar messages are displayed in /vz/vmprivate/VMNAME.pvm/parallels.log:
12-28 07:53:06.305 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: -1200
12-28 07:53:06.305 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: 0
12-28 07:54:11.383 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: -60
12-28 07:54:11.383 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: 0
12-28 07:55:31.524 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: -61
12-28 07:55:31.524 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: -1
12-28 07:57:13.664 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: -60
12-28 07:57:13.664 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: 0
12-28 07:57:53.677 D /vm:242559:ad7fb700/ Time shift changed: new time shift is: -1


This issue is caused by Time Synchronization enabling, which is triggered upon every container startup and it leads to performance degradation.


Do not use Time Synchronization for virtual machines running Parallels Virtuozzo Containers inside.

To disable time synchronization, edit /vz/vmprivate/VMNAME.pvm/config.pvs and verify that the TimeSync "Enabled" option is set to zero:
 <TimeSync SyncInterval_patch="1" dyn_lists="">

A virtual machine restart is required to apply the changes.

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