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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0


It is not possible to explore pstorage folder:
[root@pcs ~]# ll /pstorage/
ls: cannot access /pstorage/pcs-test: Transport endpoint is not connected
total 20
drwx------   2 root     root     16384 Oct 25 01:40 lost+found
d?????????   ? ?        ?            ?            ? pcs-test
In addition it is not possible to run top:
[root@pcs ~]# pstorage -c pcs-test top
23-01-13 12:54:01.812 poll handler blocked for too long: 1002ms 0x7fa76ef5e950(0x7fa768002d10), events 1
23-01-13 12:54:03.812 poll handler blocked for too long: 1002ms 0x7fa76ef5e950(0x7fa768002e40), events 1
23-01-13 12:54:05.813 poll handler blocked for too long: 1001ms 0x7fa76ef5e950(0x7fa768002e40), events 1


There was an upgrade of Parallels Cloud Storage from beta to stable version that is not supported.


Reinstall Parallels Cloud Storage from Scratch.

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