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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.7
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor 5.0


A Linux kernel vulnerability (CVE-2013-2094) that may allow local users to gain root privileges (0-day exploit) was recently identified.

Affected Products

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux v4.7, Parallels Server Bare Metal v5.0, and Parallels Cloud Server v6.0 products are affected by this vulnerability. Parallels ships its own Linux kernel as part of these products.
This vulnerability may also affect other Linux hosts, such as hosts running RedHat, CentOS, Debian, and other Linux distributions. Please refer to the “Other Useful Links” section below.
NOTE: Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux v4.0 and 4.6 are NOT affected.


- Privileges escalation: any local user can gain root privileges.
- Exploit is available in the wild.

Pre-requirements for exploiting the issue

- Local user account is required (no remote attack).


All customers are highly recommended to update the kernel for Parallels products as soon as possible to Parallels kernel version 2.6.32-042stab076.8 or later for PVC, PSBM, and PCS products.
Customers should update the kernel for other Linux hosts as soon as it is available from the vendor.
- RedHat for RedHat Enterprise Linux (update from Redhat is pending)
- Other Linux vendors

Links to Parallels Updates

Updates for affected Parallels products are available at the following links:
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.7
Parallels Server Bare Metal 5.0
Parallels Cloud Server 6.0
Parallels Plesk Panel

Other useful links

* Vulnerability ID: CVE-2013-2094
* RHEL 6.x Advisory
* Fedora bugzilla
* Debian

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