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Using this article you can migrate Plesk subscriptions from ModernBill / Plesk Billing / Customer and Business Manager to Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBAS).


PBAS does not have fully automated tools to perform Modernbill migration or  Plesk Billing migration. However it could be done using the following step-by-step instruction.

1. Create customer accounts in PBAS which you are going to migrate.

PBAS Provider CP > Account Director > Customer Manager > Customers > New Account

Alternatively, you can use Import-Export Manager for importing accounts. It requires XML file containing the data about the objects you want to import.

PBAS Provider CP >  Migration Director > Import-Export Manager > Import Data

2. Create Hosting Plans in PBAS. These Hosting Plans will be used for association with Plesk domains and Plesk clients.

PBAS Provider CP > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans > New Hosting Plan

3. Register Parallels Plesk Panel servers in PBAS.

PBAS Provider CP > Service Director > Plesk Manager > Nodes > New Node

4. Use conflict resolver to assign subscriptions one-by-one to accounts and Hosting Plans.

PBAS Provider CP > Migration Director > Conflicts Resolver > Plesk Domains/Plesk Clients > Resolve conflict

Conflict resolver wizard consists of the several steps:
  1. Select domain to resolve.
  2. Select 'Register Plesk domain in Parallels Business Automation - Standard'.
  3. Select owner for the domain created at step 1.
  4. Select Hosting Plan created at step 2.
  5. Check the resource difference between Plesk subscription and PBAS Hosting Plan.
  6. Select order properties.
  7. Complete Conflict Resolver wizard.
After completing conflict resolver wizard it is necessary to process created order if it has non-zero price.

5. Create domain registration subscription if necessary. Conflict resolver wizard creates domain with status 'Registered elsewhere'. Domain registration should be managed by customers through the registrar. It is allowed to set registration via domain registration plug-in in PBAS.

Provider CP > Service Director > Domain Manager > select domain > click 'Register/Transfer' button > select Domain registration hosting plan and proceed via configuration wizard.

6. Set up balance for account. If customer had non-zero balance in the previous billing system it is important to set the same balance in PBAS.

Provider CP > Account Director > Customer Manager > Customers > select account > switch to the Billing History tab > set up balance via new Credit or Debit Adjustment

7. Customer's payments methods.
Customers need to enter payment methods manually. 

Additional information

If there are a lot of accounts to be migrated and manual migration is not suitable you can use PBAS SDK for bulk objects migration.

PBAS SDK has tools for handling mass migration:
  • Bulk Domain Registration / Transfer
  • Credit Card Import
  • Bank Accounts Import
  • Migration from Parallels Plesk Billing
  • Bulk Parallels Plesk Domains / Clients Resolving

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