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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk for Linux/Unix
  • Plesk for Windows


When opening database "Web Admin" from Parallels Plesk interface "phpMyAdmin" reports the following error:

Cannot connect: invalid settings


Missing record in psa.accounts table for database user associated with the database.


There are two ways to resolve the problem:

Note: Backup of psa database is required for the following actions. (instructions available in KB article #881)

  1. Create new user for the database and make it default user for the database ("pp11db" for example):

  2. Log into Parallels Plesk database (instructions available in KB article #3472 ) and find ID of missing database record:

    mysql> select, dbu.login, dbu.account_id, a.* from data_bases db, db_users dbu left join accounts a on = dbu.account_id where dbu.db_id = and = 'pp11db';
    | name   | login    | account_id | id   | type | password |
    | pp11db | pp11user |          9 | NULL | NULL | NULL     |
  3. Once account_id is found, create new record in table psa.accounts:

    mysql> insert into accounts (id, type, password) values (9, 'sym', '');
    Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)`
  4. After that, go to database user's properties in Plesk GUI (Websites & Domains > Databases) and assign new password.

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You probably did not create a configuration file. You might want to use the setup script to create one.

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