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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor


When you backup your VM you have following error:
[root@psbm ~]# pbackup -F plmpuvts4 -e {2c7284ef-63e6-4f6b-aa22-e6dfd9e611dd}
Failed to backed up the VM: Unable to back up the virtual machine myvm, because its HDD /var/parallels/myvm.pvm/IS600 SGI.hdd is connected to the physical drive on the host computer. Remove the HDD win2k8_srv_1 from the virtual machine configuration and try again.


It is not possible to attach vm if external hdd is attached to it. It could be done with this option:
[root@psbm ~]#prlctl set myvm --device-add hdd --device /dev/disk/by-id/deviceid


There is no fix for now, the only way you can backup VM is:
  1. Stop VM
    [root@psbm ~]# prlctl stop myvm
  2. detach HDD
    [root@psbm ~]# prlctl set myvm --device-del hdd
  3. Backup VM
    [root@psbm ~]# pbackup -F localhost -e {2c7284ef-63e6-4f6b-aa22-e6dfd9e611dd}
  4. Start VM
    [root@psbm ~]# prlctl start myvm

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