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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux


There is a difference in numfile counting. If we check it's value with /proc/user_beancounters, we will see the following results:
[root@mypvc]# grep -A 25 101 /proc/user_beancounters |grep numfile
            numfile                     10840                10840                17600                17600                16772

but if we check it with lsof, there will be different values:
[root@mypvc]# lsof 2>/dev/null |grep 101 |wc -l

It is expected behavior as files precharging mechanism was implemented. It helps to increase performance. Below is precharge algorithm:
  1. At the very beginning a process is created having already 16 files accounted
  2. When process opens new file, only an internal counted increased, till it reaches 16
  3. When it opens 17th file, then there will be UBC checking and updating and next 16 files are precharged for the process

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