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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor
  • Virtual Automation 6.0

What's Included in This Update

This update for Parallels Virtual Automation 6.0 provides a number of new features and bug fixes.

Problem Description

This update contains the following new features:

  • Performance limits for the vzbackup and vzrestore utilities were implemented. Two parameters were added to the global configuration file, /etc/vz/vz.conf:
    • VZ_TOOLS_IOLIMIT=iolimit — disk I/O bandwidth limit in Bps,
    • VZ_TOOLS_IOPSLIMIT=iopslimit — disk I/O operations per second limit.
  • You can now set the folder where virtual machine backups will be stored by default on a Hardware Node. The new VM Backup Folder option is available on the Parallels Server Settings screen, accessible from the Tasks > Configure subsection on the Hardware Node’s Summary screen.

This update contains fixes for the following issues:

  • PVA-33576: Unmerged snapshot due to crash during backup
  • PVA-33503: 'Destroying' state in PVA CP while deleting virtual machine snapshot
  • PVA-33408: vzlpl may fail with time out during selective restoration of vzfs-based container backup: excessive amount of lseeks
  • PVA-33402: Mounting snapshot operation may fail during backup of ploop-based container
  • PVA-33517: Container hosted on Parallels Cloud Storage may disappear in PVA
  • PVA-33561: Virtual machine backups made with prlctl appears in PVA only after restarting of both pvaagent and pvamn
  • PVA-33550: Backup nodes must work without any license
  • PVA-33529: Size of VM backup is printed incorrectly in agent logs in some cases
  • PVA-33489: In some cases default value for numothersock set for repair container is not enough
  • PVA-33486: vzlpl hangs in an infinite loop while creating a snapshot of container on partition with tea hash
  • PVA-33479: Disk may be displayed incorrectly in Resource Commitments for pstorage node
  • PVA-33474: Backup of container on LVM device may fail in rare cases
  • PVA-33469: Container restore operation fails if rpm db was locked during backup
  • PVA-33413: vzlpl process may crash in rare cases
  • PVA-33406: Backup operation fails for ploop-based non-template-based container
  • PVA-33403: Support for Ubuntu sendmail service status in Power Panel
  • PVA-33383: The temporary file created during a backup of large container is extremely huge
  • PVA-33323: prlctl list takes a long time on pstorage
  • PVA-32831: Not able to login to ploop CT via SSH or Power Panel when it is in Repair mode
  • PVA-32656: Support viewing and modifying for network adapter type
  • PVA-31399: Scheduled restart for list of containers doesn't work
  • KB 115599: Unable to stop iptables service via Power Panel: service "iptables" status is not "stopped" after command "stop"
  • PVA-33599: Some products may not receive new license status in PVA
  • Fixes in documentation.

Obtaining the Update

You can download and install PVA Agent and the Master updates using the "pva-setup" utility included in the Parallels Virtual Automation distribution.

For more information on Parallels Virtual Automation 6.0 builds, releases, and supported virtualization products, please see KB article 112297.

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