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  • Virtuozzo 6.0


How do I install updates on a Virtuozzo node when it is in a Virtuozzo Storage cluster?


To minimize downtime for virtual environments (VMs and CTs), it is best to migrate them to other servers during the upgrade.


  1. Choose a node to be updated.

  2. Migrate the node's VMs and containers to another node:

    a. If the nodes are controlled by OACI, migrate the Virtual Environments using the OACI interface (for example, using the Offload functionality)

    b. If the nodes are not controlled by OACI, migrate them using the VA Management Node interface, or in the command line with:

    ~# prlctl migrate 333
  3. Install all pending updates to the chosen node and reboot the server:

    ~# yum update
  4. Move the VMs and CTs back as described in Step 2, above.

  5. Repeat the above steps for all other servers.

Note: Virtuozzo Storage cluster components with different versions should only exist for a maintenance period. Nodes should be updated evenly, and running clusters with components which differ by more than 4 major versions is not recommended.

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