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  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtual Automation


There is a difference between memory information inside virtual machine and Parallels Virtual Automation. In guest OS you can see the following usage shows that 387Mb is used:

However in PVA we can see that almost 600Mb is used:

memory in PVA

A lot of alerts regarding VM memory usage appear, despite there's available free RAM as seen inside the VM:

Resource counter_memory_share_used red alert on environment test-vm current value: 91 soft limit: 85 hard limit: 95


These two images show the different usage:

  • Guest system shows memory usage of VM's OS
  • PVA shows how much memory is used by VM from host OS perspective.

Consumption from inside of VM and from host perspective in most cases would be different. You may learn more about this in the following article:

122026 Why prl_vm_app process consumes more memory than reported by Guest OS inside of Virutal Machine?


PVA Alerts will be improved in scope of an internal request PVA-34373. For now it is safe to ignore these warnings since they do not reflect real usage in the VM.

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