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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux


When migrating a container from a PVC 4.7 server to PCS while converting the file-system from VZFS to Ploop, the operation fails after copying the data. The output with the error for the container #1999 is similar to this output:

~# vzmigrate -r no TARGET_SERVER_IP 1999 --convert-vzfs
Connection to destination node ( is successfully established
Moving/copying CT#1999 -> CT#1999, [], [] ...
The Container's file system will be converted to ext4.
Checking external bind mounts
Check cluster ID
Checking keep dir for private area copy
Checking license restrictions
Checking technologies
Checking disk usage space
Checking templates for CT
Checking IP addresses on destination node
Ignore /bin/vztar exit code 0, continue
Ignore /bin/vztar exit code 0, continue
OfflineManagement CT#1999 ...
Stopping CT#1999 ...
vzctl : Failed to run vzquota off for Container 1999 [3]
/usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 66
can not stop/umount CT#1999 : /usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 66
Can't move/copy CT#1999 -> CT#1999, [], [] : can not stop/umount CT#1999 : /usr/sbin/vzctl exited with code 66
OfflineManagement CT#1999 ...


There is one pending internal request PCLIN-32069 to include the fix into updates for PVC 4.7.


As a workaround, the following steps can be performed on the server with PVC 4.7:

  1. Create a wrapper script /usr/sbin/vzctl.wrap with the following content (to ignore the error code 66):

    case " $*" in
    *\ stop\ *) /usr/sbin/vzctl.orig "$@"; e=$?; v="$*"; v=(${v##*stop }); [ $e -eq 66 ] && exit 0; exit $e;;
    *) exec /usr/sbin/vzctl.orig "$@";;

    The command to create this script is:

    ~# echo -e '#!/bin/bash\ncase " $*" in\n*\ stop\ *) /usr/sbin/vzctl.orig "$@"; e=$?; v="$*"; v=(${v##*stop }); [ $e -eq 66 ] && exit 0; exit $e;;\n*) exec /usr/sbin/vzctl.orig "$@";;\nesac' > /usr/sbin/vzctl.wrap
  2. Make this script executable:

    ~# chmod a+x /usr/sbin/vzctl.wrap
  3. Rename the binary vzctl to /usr/sbin/vzctl.orig and put the symbolic link to use the wrapper:

    ~# mv /usr/sbin/vzctl{,.orig}
    ~# ln -s vzctl.wrap /usr/sbin/vzctl

Also, ensure that the version of the package is not lower than vzmigrate-6.0.3-62 on the target server.

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