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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


  1. You can see event ID 137 in the hardware node's Event Viewer :

    "The default transaction resource manager on volume \Device\VZLPBKVolumes\VZLPBKVolume{f0de34f5-77fb-4985-b938-0b307d744399} encountered a non-retryable error and could not start."
  2. Hardware node experienced unclean shutdown recently.


The NTFS transaction log got corrupted inside the container.


  1. Determine which container disk has the GUID {f0de34f5-77fb-4985-b938-0b307d744399}, indicated in the event.

    The instructions can be found in #1008

  2. Reset the metadata of the default transaction resource manager inside the container :

    vzctl exec CTID fsutil resource setautoreset true c:\

    (Replace "CTID" with the actual container's ID value hereafter.)

  3. Stop and mount the container :

    vzctl stop CTID && vzctl mount CTID
  4. Delete the corrupted transaction log files :

    del /ah D:\vz\private\CTID\root\Windows\system32\smi\Store\Machine\*.blf
    del /ah D:\vz\private\CTID\root\Windows\system32\smi\Store\Machine\*.regtrans-ms

    (Replace "D:\" with the actual disk letter and path to the directory with private areas of containers.)

  5. Start the container :

    vzctl start CTID

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