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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo
  • Virtuozzo hypervisor


Migrating a system from a physical server to a virtual machine fails with generic error message.

The following lines can be found in the Parallels Server log file /var/log/parallels.log on the source server:

08-07 09:08:19.650 F /AgentCore:9396:b13a9b90/ RsmMigration progress (server-side) : done 11, total 100
08-07 09:09:35.625 F /AgentCore:9396:b13a9b90/ RsmMigration progress (server-side) : done 12, total 100
08-07 09:10:50.321 F /AgentCore:9396:b13a9b90/ RsmMigration progress (server-side) : done 13, total 100
08-07 09:11:35.913 F /daw:9396:b13a9b90/ Read from FS snapshot failed:
08-07 09:11:35.913 F /daw:9396:b13a9b90/ ERROR CODE: 0x00590004:0x0000;
DESCRIPTION: No description
08-07 09:11:35.913 F /daw:9396:b13a9b90/ Error : Failed to read next block from DA snapshot, error 0x8103251
08-07 09:11:35.913 F /AgentCore:9396:b13a9b90/ Error: Failed to read next block from snapshot with error : 0x8103251


Bad sectors on the hard disk prevent the migration from completing successfully.


To resolve this issue, boot the server in single-mode and use fsck to check the integrity of the file system:

~# fsck /dev/sda1


  1. sda1 should be replaced with the name of the hard disk device used for OS on your source server.
  2. If the source server has several partitions, then it is worth to check all partitions before migration.

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