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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.3
  • Plesk 11.5 for Linux


Plesk domain subscription cannot be synchronized with the Hosting Plan.

490071  Error Failed    #14312 Provision client to Plesk
    Process provisioning for document; Error provisioning to Plesk. The following site applications not found on plesk node: nmsformmail.
    23-Jul-2013, 06:31
Attention! See Problem # p2013-07-23_06-31-52 for details.

[2013/07/23 06:31:52] [INFO] [14896] [HSPC::MT::BM::Subscription::PleskClientSubscription::provision_client_on_plesk] Application "nmsformmail" is not installed on node.
[2013/07/23 06:31:52] [INFO] [14896] [HSPC::MT::BM::Subscription::PleskClientSubscription::provision_client_on_plesk] Error provisioning plesk site applications. Some siteapps not found on plesk node: nmsformmail
[2013/07/23 06:31:52] [ERROR] [14896] [HSPC::MT::BM::Subscription::PleskClientSubscription::provision_client_on_plesk] Error provisioning to Plesk. The following site applications not found on plesk node: nmsformmail.


Hosting Plan includes invalid application "nmsformmail":

Top > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans > HOSTING_PLAN > Applications
OK  nmsformmail     Included    Included

Application "nsformmail" is invalid because it's missing in APS Catalog:

Application with another name "formmail" exists instead:

Generally "formmail" is new name of application "nmsformmail".

When PBA-S tries to provision domain onto Parallels Plesk Panel, it sends the request to retrieve information on application packages available for installation on domains/sub-domains. To verify applications list in Plesk node PBA-S sends the following API package:

<packet version=""><aps><get-packages-list><all></all>

Parallels Plesk Panel has "formmail" instead of "nsformmail":



  1. Dump PBA-S database:

    # mysqldump aspc --extended-insert=false > aspc.dump.`date +%F.%s`.sql
  2. Remove information about "nsformmail" from pending orders and subscriptions in PBA-S database.

    mysql> delete from order_app where ar_doc_id=<ORDER_ID> and name='nmsformmail'
    mysql> delete from subscr_app where subscr_id=<SUBSCR_ID> and name='nmsformmail';
  3. Provision the order.

  4. Update Hosting Plan: disable "nsformmail" and set "formmail" to be enabled/included instead.

  5. Upgrade subscription to the latest version of Hosting Plan.

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The following site applications not found on plesk node: nmsformmail

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