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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 6.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


Container cannot be started or mounted with the following error message:

    Windows API function call 'RegUnLoadKey' failed, code 0x57 vzCTID 
    Windows API function call 'VzkrnlLoadHive' failed, code 0x2 CTID


Registry hives are binary files sensitive to corruption.

Even smallest corruption can result in inability to load the registry hive, and that is the cause of inability to start the container.


Once this kind of corruption occurs, it is almost impossible to find out the corrupted bit(s).

The fastest and easiest way is to restore the container from backup.

To minimize the loss of data the following can be done:

  1. Restore the backup to a new container:

    С:> vzarestore oldCTID:newCTID

    (NOTE! that this can only be done if PVA Agent installed on the server has version 4.6.3-1734 of higher! The ability to restore Containers from backups with new Container IDs was introduced in PVA Agent 4.6.3-1734: KB 115738.)

  2. Create a mount point for the disk of the existing (corrupted) container:

    С:> vzdskctl set_mp <directory> <image guid>
    С:> vzdskctl mount <path_to_image> <guid>

After the image is mounted, you can find files that were changed since the backup was taken and manually transfer these files to the restored container.

    C:\Users\Administrator>vzquota stat 1000

         disk  resource   usage     hardlimit  path
         C:    1k-blocks  266364    512000     C:\vz\Private\1000\root.efd         <<==== path to the image

    C:\Users\Administrator>vzcfgt get 1000 guid
    {933b1f21-5837-4cb3-85fa-86d7f814828e}                              <<==== guid of the image

    C:\Users\Administrator>vzdskctl set_mp C:\1000 {933b1f21-5837-4cb3-85fa-86d7f814828e}

The specified directory should exist:

    C:\Users\Administrator>vzdskctl mount C:\vz\Private\1000\root.efd {933b1f21-5837-4cb3-85fa-86d7f814828e}

After that the contents of the disk can be browsed in C:\1000:

Search Words

Windows API function call 'RegUnLoadKey' failed, code 0x57



container failed after restart


parallels services cannot automatic start after reboot

container restarted

Windows API function call 'VzkrnlLoadHive' failed, code 0x2

VzkrnlLoadHive failed

Corrupt registry

'VzkrnlLoadHive' failed

Windows API function call 'VzkrnlLoadHive' failed, code 0x5


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